• Valuject is business consultancy group. Valuject is specializing in consulting services for small and medium sized businesses.

    Business services include market feasibility studies, project management, operational reviews, re-engineering, strategic planning, contracting and training.

    Our mission is to provide our clients with business services and advices that help them to develop their performance and to become more successful and to become pioneer in their specialization.

  • Although Valuject has been established recently, however the more , three decades of experience of the company directors and owners in Oil, gas and petrochemicals gives them strong links to the key personnel of the petroleum sectors in the Arabian countries.

  • Valuject consultancy services add real value through its expertise, innovation and total commitment to its clients.

    We continue expanding and adapting our skills and services to satisfy market demands. We can take care of every aspect from project management and facilitation services, techno-economic studies, upgrades and optimization plans to system design, hazard and risk analysis and site supervision.

    Consultancy Services Include Management and strategy consulting, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Studies, Master planning and regulatory advice, Technical and economic advisory, Market Studies, Contracting, Cost reduction reports, Engineering review, Upgrading and optimization studies, Project and construction management, Procurement services, Pipeline installation studies, HSE consultancy, Maintenance Management Services, Project Management Services, Inspection and quality control services and Operations analysis.

  • Expose our Manufacturer products and services, Expand our Manufacturer sales territories throughout the Arabian countries, Reduce our Manufacturer expenses on advertising and employee benefits, Grow our Manufacturer Sales, Connect Nationwide Costumers with Worldwide Manufacturers, Explore new sales opportunities from our Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries Manufacturers, Attract new customers with New Product Lines Offer existing customers New Add-On Products and Develop new customers our Manufacturers may have been Unable to sell to in the past.

Valuject is an Egyptian company, but it is derivative from Valuteck which has been registered as a Canadian federal cooperation in Canada. Valuteck registered in Canada in 2007, concentrates on providing services inside and outside Canada.

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